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A Better Today’s Addiction Treatment For Victorville, California

Drug and Alcohol addiction is, in most cases, not something that can be simply willed away. Many people try in vain to swear off alcohol or put down the drugs cold turkey and walk away however addiction is not simply a problem of a weak will. Substance abuse is a much deeper neurological issue where the brain has been re-wired to think that it needs drugs or alcohol to survive. It can be hard to understand why a loved one continues to hurt themselves or others with their addiction but, rest assured, the person that you once knew is still there. They simply have a problem that they need help to overcome. A Better Today applies evidence based treatment modalities and a forward thinking attitude to the problem of addiction. With masters level or higher, licensed addiction professionals and a proven program, we confront addiction with a multi-faceted approach to offer well rounded recover and hope for a better quality of life.

A Better Today has a Better View on Addiction

Many think that addiction is a moral problem and those who are using and drinking can stop at any given time with the power of choice. Evidence has shown, however, that this is not true. Through a deeper understanding of addiction and neuropsychology, it has been shown that substance abuse is a much deeper problem than simply making a choice to quit.
Addiction is mainly cause by dopamine and glutamine, two neurotransmitters that affect the pathways established in the brain. Dopamine creates a euphoric feeling when introduced in the brain and many substances either release more dopamine into the brain or act like dopamine in the brain when used and thus give the user a euphoric effect. The brain likes the increase in dopamine so it releases glutamine which builds a pathway that remembers that when drugs or alcohol are used, dopamine is released and thus causes the user to seek it out. The brain, through use of a substance, rewires itself, mainly in the pre-frontal cortex and the midbrain. Logic, reason and higher level cognitive function are all controlled by the pre-frontal cortex of the brain however, the midbrain reacts faster than the pre-frontal cortex. The mid brain is responsible for survival instincts such as eating and sleeping. The need for a drug or substance is wired into the midbrain as something that is necessary for survival, thus causing logic and reason to take a backseat to a person addiction.
Understanding the interaction of the midbrain and pre-frontal cortex is a key to developing a treatment plan that will work for an individual. Drug use often starts as a coping mechanism for situations in life. In order to survive the midbrain causes a person to reach for drugs and alcohol to preserve itself. Underlying conditions are a common reason for relapse and A Better Today’s dual-diagnosis facility is here to identify and treat these co-occurring disorders and give you or your loved one a better quality of life through lasting recovery.

Reach out to A Better Today from Victorville, California

Knowing that addiction and substance abuse is a neurological issue and that there is help for those suffering from it is the first step in addressing the problem. The next step would be to reach out for that help. At A Better Today, our highly trained staff is here for you. We have licensed addiction professionals ready to help you through the journey of overcoming addiction and getting to a life of lasting recovery. Our therapists and counselors will take you through each step of the journey from medically assisted withdrawals, ensuring you are as comfortable as possible, to education, processing, and creating an aftercare plan to continue your recovery long after you leave our facility. We strive to provide you with the highest level of care and understand that you are dealing with a treatable disease and not a moral issue. If you or your loved one is in need of help you should not hesitate to contact us at (760) 203-6611 to start the journey towards A Better Today. Our intake specialists are here with answers and are waiting for your call.