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Detox & Withdrawals

A Better Today Can Help with Detox and Withdrawal in Victorville, CA

When you or your loved one has come to terms with needing help for your addiction or substance abuse then the first step is to safely get the toxins out of your system. Withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous if not medically monitored. Medication can also be used to bring you through the detox and withdrawal phase of recovery in the most comfortable and safe way possible. Getting the drugs and toxins out of the system and normalizing the body to living without substances is an important step towards recovery. Once, this is done, the addict can learn and grasp the tools needed to prevent relapse in the future.

A Better Today’s Approach to Withdrawals and Detox in Victorville, CA

When a person has become addicted to a substance and they try to quit they may be surprised to find out that they start feeling sick, shaky, nauseas and may even experience seizures, and other painful symptoms. This is called withdrawals and is part of the detoxification process as your body is flushing the toxins from the drugs and alcohol out of your body. Often, with addicts and alcoholics, this withdrawal phase of ceasing substance abuse can prevent them from seeking help. At A Better Today we have licensed professionals to help you through this important phase of recovery. Our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible as you get through the withdrawal process and take the fear out of reaching out for help. Our medically-assisted withdrawal service means that we can prescribe medications that lessen or possibly even negate some of the symptoms of withdrawal so that you can get your body and mind back into shape as soon as possible. This is very important as you need a clear mind to process through the underlying issues that caused the substance abuse in the first place and to learn the tools that we are here to teach you to use in your recovery. We are not here to judge you and being completely honest about what drugs you may have used or how much you drank is important during your entrance examination so that we know how to help you best and to create a comprehensive plan to manage withdrawal symptoms and structure your recovery.

The Process of Detoxing in Victorville, California

Once you enter into the medically-assisted withdrawal process and start detoxing, you will speak to a world class addiction specialist and they will draw up a comprehensive plan on how to manage your withdrawal symptoms. It is important to be honest so that we know what we are working with and can make you as comfortable as possible throughout the withdrawal process. While you may still feel some unpleasant effects of the withdrawal phase, your symptoms can be substantially lessened through the use of medications. It is important that you do not try to detox yourself alone and isolated since withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous and possibly deadly if not monitored by a medical professional. At A Better Today you will have your vital signs monitored and be in good hands as well as a comfortable environment as you journey through this phase of early recovery. Call us today at (760) 203-6611 to start this process and get through it so that you can be on your way to lasting relief and recovery.