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Hosting an Intervention for Someone in Victorville, CA

Drug and Alcohol addiction can be horrifying to watch your loved one go through and it can also be very frustrating when the loved one will not get help for their addiction. You may have asked them once or twice or a number of times and they still said no. Drugs and alcohol take control over a person and cause them to deflect and deny their addiction at all costs because living without them may be very scary to the person who has been using them to cope and got addicted. Hosting an intervention may be the answer in getting them to finally admit that they have a problem and they need help. Family members and friends are a huge part of any intervention as it should be a compassionate and caring appeal to the person who is using and at A Better Today we recognize the great role that this plays in getting them to accept help.

How Do I Conduct a Family Intervention for My Loved One in Victorville, CA?

When someone has been using a substance and become addicted to it for a length of time they usually have wreaked a fair amount of havoc in their relationships with their family and loved ones. This can cause a lot of hurt feelings so telling someone that they need to get help is often difficult to do in a way that shows compassion and can have a tendency to come across as an “attack”. This is the last thing that you want to happen in an intervention. Chances are, even if the person is incapable of showing remorse due to their addiction, your loved one is still in there and they feel bad but attacking them will only put them on the defensive. The point of an intervention is to appeal to them through compassion and love so that they open up about their problem and accept help. The best way to ensure that this process goes smoothly is to utilize a professional interventionist who can help you plan out what to say and come across in the best way possible because the focus has to be on the addict getting help. The amends will come later. An intervention professional will also be able to help you come up with the answers to the questions that the addict might give as to what will happen to their job, their dependents and more. You do not want to give the addict or alcoholic any reason to not attend treatment so it is best to have a plan. Once the person agrees to accept treatment it is imperative that you have a place for them to go right away so that there is as little time for them to change their mind as possible.

At A Better Today, Family Interventions are Important

We recognize the important part that family plays in the recovery of an individual here at A Better Today. Family members are a huge part of a support structure that the recovering individual may need to lean on through the process and a lot of healing begins with healing the relationships between the addict and their family. Opening a channel for honest communication is important and will benefit everyone involved and this whole process starts with the intervention. With this effective support system the person in recovery has a much greater chance at achieving lasting recovery and becoming the family member that you once knew again.